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    Bring your family, friends and even your canine family members to dine in our outdoor area.

Proud to have the Best Burgers in Town

Award-Winning Hamburgers and Ice-Cold Beer!!! Who could ask for more??? Well there's plenty MORE where that comes from. Bobby J's Old Fashion Hamburgers serves not only the BEST BURGERS in the San Antonio area, but also has a wide range of menu items for everyone's cravings.

"On the lighter side, the menu includes four different styles of chicken breast sandwiches, along with fish. All come topped with fresh ingredients and are made to order... For the taste of something different, experience the fried hot dog, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, or the garden veggie or Boca burger, with fresh crisp toppings. If you want to buckle down and have the specialty of the house, you have many choices. With basic burgers on the menu, be adventurous and try a Western Burger, a Chili Burger, Fiesta Burger or the Jalapeno Cheddar Burger. For milder taste buds, sink your teeth into a mushroom burger, green chili burger, or guacamole burger. Ready for a side item? Try the fresh-cut homemade french fries, fried dill pickles or hot 'n' spicy fried jalapenos, to name a few. Although most of these are fried, the food doesn't leave grease all over your hands and napkins." best burgers in texas

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